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     We provide Skip Trace Location Services, Tax Roll Searches, Criminal Background Checks, Business Background Checks, and Tenant Screening to Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Landlords, Property Managers, Employers, etc.

     We also offer Asset searches, Employment Verifications, and Bankruptcies-Judgments-Liens as well as many other products.

Skip Trace Find Lost People

     A Skip Trace is a comprehensive search that will help you locate "lost" people. Finding the seller of a vacant house that your competitors can't, will make you a fortune. And let's face it, beating the competition is part of what it's all about, right??!! Our Skip Trace Service is only $24.95 per individual. We also offer a Bulk 100 Package and a Bulk 50 Package that will save you lots of money. Learn about our products and pricing HERE.

     You can also use our Skip Trace service to locate lost friends, or relatives.

Find Your Missing Tenant

     A Skip Trace is also extremely powerful if you are a property manager because finding a tenant who has skipped can save you a fortune and help immensely in the process of getting a judgment for lost income, damages, etc.

Criminal Background Checks

     Criminal Background Reports are especially important when you rent or sell your houses on terms. If you are renting, holding a mortgage, using a Lease Option, Land Contract or Agreement for Deed your tenant/buyers criminal history is of paramount importance to you as the owner of the property, the obvious reason being that you don't want to put criminals in your houses if you can avoid it. At our low price for a Criminal Report there's just no excuse not to run one on every applicant. Consider the liability you potentially face if the tenant/buyer you have chosen commits a crime! It's crazy not to use the best information available to you. The best defense is to show that you used the "Best Available Means" to check the applicant's background prior to approving the prospective resident's application.

Tenant Screening

     Screening your tenant/buyers carefully should include our Tenant Screening Package during the application approval process. Remember that once you adopt any policy as a part of your approval process, you must run the same background checks on EVERY applicant. Not doing so might be considered a form of discrimination. Many professional investors and property managers charge an application fee to offset the cost of properly screening each applicant too.

     The Tenant Screening Package includes the Tenant Screening, Skip Trace, National Criminal, Bankruptcies-Judgments-Liens, Employment Verification, and Wants and Warrants searches.

Screen Your Contractors, Handymen, Cleaning Persons, and Babysitters

     Don't forget the importance of knowing the criminal backgrounds of your employees, contractors, handymen, baby sitters, nannies, cleaning persons, etc. Let's face it... in today's world, you just can't be too careful. Take comfort in really knowing who you are allowing onto your property or into your office and home. At our low price per individual, there's no excuse not to check everyone!

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