May 19, 2022


Terms & Conditions of use
Before we can serve your needs you must agree to all our Terms & Conditions of use when you open an account.

Adverse Action
The account holder certifies that before taking adverse action in whole or in part based on a background report for Tenant Screening/Employment Screening it will provide the consumer the following:

We offer a "No Records-No Charge" guarantee that applies to Skip Tracing only. This means when you run a skip trace and we are unable to generate a skip trace report you will be given a credit on your account at

All unused credits will expire 1 year after purchase or after being given.

Your privacy is as important to us, as it is to you. We will never, sell, rent, lend, share or give away your sensitive personal information.

With regard to your competition, we will never share any information about you, the services you use, or the information you receive with any other customer. This holds true if two customers order a report on the same person(s). Your business is your business - period! We understand and respect your situation because we are real estate investors too.

Submitting Information
Submissions may be sent electronically on the website If necessary, you will find a printable submission form here for fax submissions. Please fax to 607-936-2300.

Return of Reports
We will return search results by posting reports directly to your account. There is a $10 per report, fee to return by mail. If you choose to have your reports mailed to you, your credit card will be billed $10 for each report sent. Mailing the info is cumbersome and time consuming, so we are forced to charge extra for it.

Vacant House Gold Bulk Buy Plan Package Terms & Conditions
Our Vacant House Gold Bulk plan includes 50 searches and all additional bonuses as listed below: (a $7,175 value)

  1. 50 Pay As You Go Searches: You will begin with 50 searches from The searches can be used in any combination of Skip Trace, Tax Roll, Criminal Background, Employment Verification, Tenant Screening, Wants & Warrants, and Business Background Check! ($1,297 value)

  2. Vacant House Gold Home Study Course: Then add your own copy of Cameron’s special home study course entitled 'Vacant House Gold'. With this program and Cameron’s support listed below, you’ll be doing deals before you know it. This program contains the step-by-step process along with the marketing tools, forms, and documents to get you doing deals immediately. ($997 value)

  3. 90 Days Membership in Cameron Dunlap’s 'Inner Circle' where you’ll receive personal mentoring from Cam. Among the many benefits of the membership you’ll get ($997 value):

    1. Open Line Tele-Conferences on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday Night of each month hosted by Cam personally. These are open Q & A discussions on any aspect of Real Estate Investing. There is no selling on these calls and they are a great way to stay connected, informed, and fired up.

    2. Personal e-mail support from Cam.

    3. Access to a private archive of these calls that are delivered by streaming audio or download. Listen at your leisure and at no cost to you.

  4. 3 of Cam’s Mini Courses:

    1. Sell Fast Make More

    2. How To Get Real Estate Agents Working Hard For You

    3. The Purchase & Sale Agreement

    These sell individually for $129 each. ($387 value)

  5. Admission for two at Cam’s 3 Day Bootcamp 'Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit'. This is 3 days of intense training in the niche of flipping houses without ever funding, fixing, taking title, or even visiting them if you don’t want to. You’ll learn how to locate the right vacant properties, evaluate them, and determine what to offer on them, and all without getting out of your chair. You’ll learn many techniques to find the seller, plus you’ll learn how to interpret and use the wealth of information contained in the comprehensive skip trace report from Then you’ll learn how to contact and negotiate with the seller, make your offer, then, THE most powerful strategies to get the property sold quickly and put a paycheck in your pocket in 30 days or less. It’s a fast track system that will put you in a position to go out and make money immediately. It’s the only live training of its kind. You’ll get to learn from the industry’s most successful and powerful trainers at one amazing event. ($1997 value)

Please visit our Products & Pricing page for a full listing of all searches available.

Submissions are submitted via our web site or by fax when necessary. You will find a printable submission form HERE. Online submissions are preferred.

We prefer a paperless environment, and we will return results by posting the reports directly to your account. We can also return reports by mail, but there is a $10 per report, fee to do so. If you choose to have your reports mailed to you, your credit card will be billed $10 for each report sent. Mailing the info is cumbersome and time consuming, so we are forced to charge extra for it. We hope you understand. We offer a “No Records-No Charge” guarantee that applies to Skip Tracing only. This means when you run a skip trace and we are unable to generate a Skip Trace Report, your account is not debited or charged for the search. We will still provide you a report of ‘Optional Reports Available’ that may help you locate the person you are seeking. If you decide to purchase a report offered here, a search charge will be incurred with the new order submission.

In no way do we guarantee that you will find your subject, because we have no control over what you do with the information once you receive it. This guarantee does not apply to any other search, only the Skip Trace Search. Your account will be charged or debited for all other searches whether or not results are reported.

No activity on your account for a period of 12 months or more will constitute abandonment. If an account is abandoned, it may be closed without notice. If your account is closed due to abandonment, it will NOT be grounds for a refund. If you request authorization to reestablish an abandoned account, a fee will be incurred. Please contact our office for details.


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